Sunday, 28 April 2013

Halo hair extension review

Hi everyone!

So I know one thing on most girls wishlist is long thick gorgeous flowing healthy hair! Unfortunately for me I have very fine flat hair and no amount of backcombing/styling/products ever gives me the hair I want.

Having bonded/glued extensions has never appealed to me as they would probably annoy me and I am lazy when it comes to taking care of them etc! I am also absolutly useless at clip-ins, I just cannot seem to put them in properly! So when I heard of 'The Halo' and watched videos on how easy they looked to apply I was excited!

Im not gonna lie I did think 'that looks far too easy and good to be true' and was at first hesitant. I spoke to a few people that had them and read some reviews and eventually decided to go for it and place an order!

As Halo is online only I had to send a few photos of myself/hair to the lovely people at Halo and they advised me of a colour to get and recommended a lengh. Just a tip, I made a little collage of pictures of my hair both with flash and without flash as your hair can look completly different in both! Luckily the match they gave me was almost perfect.. I was due to have my highlights done again anyway, and with a few extra ones than I usually have the match was spot on. I was a little worried at first as once you have taken them off the plastic packaging you cannot return them so I couldnt try them in I just had to hold them against my head to check the colour was right first.

The hair itself is gorgeously silky and soft, I got the Golden blonde in 20inches which were £99.99 with free delivery.

Styling the hair is easy and they curl so nicely. I ensure that I use heat protectant and I never curl the very ends as this part of the hair is quite thin compared to the rest. I only wear mine for specal occasions, going out ect.

I wash mine after 2-3 wears with a mousturising shampoo and conditioner and leave them to dry naturally on a hanger in my airing cupboard. I also use argon oil on them which helps alot.

The videos really were true, putting them in is so easy and takes literally 5 mind or less! Its hard to explain how to do it but a link to the halo website and videos is here:

You can adjust the halo to fit your head shape/size also.

Overall I absolutly love these extensions, I am useless with hair and these were quick and easy to use and gave me the results I was looking for. I simply backcomb my own hair at the roots for volume and Im good to go!

Highly recommended if you dont like clip-ins or glued/bonded extenstions.

Heres a few pics of me wearing my halo!

Hope this was helpful, let me know what you think :) Jade x



  1. Your hair extensions look so natural and your lipstick is so beautiful, great look x

  2. Your extensions look great! so natural! I like your outfits too :)

  3. O M G !! SO DAMN GORGEOUS !! *jaw dropping*

  4. You look gorgeous in your hair and lipstick. It looks great on you.

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  5. I have fine hair too, and my new favorite product to create volume, dry oil, and give kind of sexy mussed up texture is Kevin Murphy Powder Puff sprinkled at the roots and brushed through with a boar bristle brush (or round brush). You should try it, it really amps up the look!!

  6. I could really do with some extentions because my hair is so thin, these look great :) x

    Natalie Gillham

  7. These look great, I would never know they were extensions from the pics xxx

    Pink Polka Dot & Popcorn

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