Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Topshop lipsticks full collection swatches

Hello again everyone :)

Now I am not sure about you but if I am browsing for a lipstick online that I have not seen before I like to do a little online research, and find blogs with swatches and reviews so that I can see what the lipstick looks like, and get other peoples opinions on it. Although there are plenty of reviews out there for individual Topshop lipsticks, I thought I would do you all a complete collection (as of April 2014) photo with swatches and a brief description, plus any similar colours I know of. As far as I know this is the complete current core collection of lipsticks (this does not include the new sheer lipsticks - coming soon!)

Personally I love Topshop lipsticks. They are priced at £8 which I think is a totally reasonable price. I find them long lasting and non-drying and Topshop have really expanded their colour range. 

I hope you find this post helpful and please let me know if you want any more info on any of the lipsticks mentioned :)
Nevada, Saint, Whimsical, Mink, Petal, Pillow talk, Innocent.

Nevada: Nude with a peach undertone. Smooth velvety finish. Similar to Mac Myth.
Saint: Light nude. More of a glaze finish and similar to Hue from Mac.
Whimsical: Matte peach nude. Similar to Obey from Illamasqua
Mink: Brown nude with a matte finish.
Petal: Nude pink with a velvet finish. Similar to Saint but a bit more pigmented.
Pillow talk: Light dusky pink with a velvet finish. Similar to Crème cup from Mac.
Innocent: Medium pink with a blue undertone and velvet finish. (Personal favourite)

Tease, Charmed, Ohh lala, Ditsy, Macaroon, Brighton Rock

Tease: Cool toned pink with a slight lilac tone, matte finish. Perfect Barbie pink.
Charmed: Pastel orange with a velvet finish.
Ohh la la: Orange coral with a velvet finish.
Ditsy: Bright orange with a creamy finish.
Macaroon: Pinky coral with a velvet finish.
Brighton Rock: Bright fuchsia pink with a hint of coral. Matte finish (Personal favourite) 

Infrared, All about me, Rio Rio, Screen Siren, Hazard, Trigger

Infrared: Bright neon orange with a velvet finish.
All about me: Fuchsia pink with a matte finish.
Rio Rio: Bright red with an orange tone. Matte finish, similar to Lady Danger from Mac.
Screen Siren: Hollywood style red with a creamy finish.(Personal Favourite)
Hazard: Dark cool toned red in a matte finish
Trigger: Dark red with a creamy/glossy finish.

The Damned, Inhibition, Beguiled, Depth

The Damned:
Deep purple with a red tone in a creamy finish.
Inhibition: Dark plummy purple in a matte finish.
Beguiled: Deep burgundy red wine colour with a matte finish.
Depth: Very dark purple with a velvet finish. Bullet looks darker than the swatch. Similar to Cyber from Mac.


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  1. love this post. I really want to get Innocent x



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