Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Mac lipstick palette and swatches

Hi everyone :)
So quite a while ago..actually almost a year ago, I melted down some of my Mac lipsticks into a Mac palette. I always get questions on how I did it and what shades are inside so I thought I would do a post :)
As a freelance makeup artist, doing anything that creates extra space etc is a must and although melting my lipsticks absolutly traumatised me for about 4 hours (i almost cried haha) it is so much more convenient for my kit.

Each little slot fits in just under half of the lipstick. I simply chopped some off with a steralised knife and popped it onto a clean tea spoon. Carefully, I placed the tablespoon over the flame from a lighter until the lipstick had melted. Be careful not to do it so much that the lipstick starts to bubble or boil! I then poured the lipstick liquid into the palette slot! The first few were a bit messy but after a while I got used to it. They set fairly quickly anyway but I popped the completed palette into the fridge for 30mins to properly set.

The colours are as follows:

Top row: Costa Chic, Pervette, Myth, Vegas Volt, Violetta, Chatterbox, Yash and Lady Danger.

Middle row: Full Fuschia, Half N half, Candy yum yum, Patisserie, urgent! Fastplay, Love forever and Honey Love.

Bottom row: Please me, Neon orange, Hue, Speak louder, Fanfare, Insanely it, Ravishing and Craving.

Which is your fave colour from this palette? Would you melt down your lipsticks?
Let me know in the comments!
Jade x



  1. I sooo need to do this! deffo buying this palette when I next shop online at mac


  2. So jealous of your collection. Broke my heart the first time I chopped into a high end lipstick to put it into a palette!

  3. What an awesome idea!
    I'm so envious of your mac lippy collection!

    I've followed you on gfc, I'd love it if you took a look at my blog and followed me back! ♥

  4. It's such a good idea for saving space, but idk if I could do it! Haha! I'm a wimp. You did a great job!



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