Friday, 12 September 2014

Mac haul

Hi everyone :)

I recently got some new Mac products that I have been lusting after for a while so I thought I would show you all. 
I used to have all my Mac eyeshadows in the old style Mac palettes, but since the new transparent ones came out I have slowly been transferring all my eyeshadows into them. Most of my old palettes were broken anyway and I didn't like that you couldn't see the colours through the lid! So I purchased another transparent palette, aswell as 3 eyeshadows and 4 lipsticks. I DID order 4 eyeshadows but being the idiot that I am I bought 'Trax' which I already have so I sold it to a makeup artist friend of mine. I do this ALL the time, I really need to write down all my eyeshadows and lipsticks so I don't end up with 2 of everything! 

Eyeshadows in Handwritten, yoghurt and twinks. Lipsticks in velvet teddy, sweet and sour, media and blankety.

I have wanted velvet teddy for AGES after seeing it floating around on Pinterest. I also heard it is the same/similar colour as what Kylie Jenner uses although I am not sure on how true that is! Blankety was another gorgeous nude I kept seeing on Pinterest and can honestly say after one wear I am in love! I really wanted a nice darker colour for Autumn/Winter, media looks gorgeous and is a satin finish so isn't drying at all. Finally I got sweet and sour. My sister has this and I loved the colour so I purchased one for myself. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
What is your favourite Mac lipstick? Leave a comment below!


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