Tuesday, 6 January 2015

3 of my current favourite lip combinations

If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I ever wear nude/brown lipstick, the answer would have been no. I have ALWAYS been a bright lip girl. Corals, bright orange, bright pinks and reds. I felt incomplete without them and I used to think that if you aren't going to wear a nice bright colour then what's the point?! Well this past 6 months I am a changed woman as nudes is all I have been wearing this past few months, along with the occasional winter dark lip.

Don't get me wrong I've been in possession of loads of nude based lipsticks for years, I just never used to grab for them until now. So I've selected 3 of my favourite lip combinations that I have been loving wearing. 

1. Mac soar lip pencil with Nars audacious lipstick in Anita
Soar lip pencil from Mac is a medium pink with a brown undertone and matte finish. I have been loving pairing this with the Nars audacious lipstick in Anita, which is a gorgeous medium pink. It has a warm undertone and a gorgeous satin finish. This creates a gorgeous muted pink lip, subtle but effective. 

2. Mac Spice lip pencil with Mac velvet teddy lipstick
This combination is definately my most worn this past few months. If you are after a gorgeous dark brown matte lip then you need these 2 products in your makeup bag. Spice is a gorgeous dark brown pencil and paired with Velvet teddy, which is also dark brown,but not as dark as spice, you have the perfect 90s matte lip. 

3. Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Iconic nude and Mac Yash
This is a medium to dark nude lip, but not as dark or as brown as the previous combination. I absolutely love the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat pencils, I want them all! Iconic nude is just as the name suggests and is an iconic classic nude colour. I have been wearing this with Mac lipstick in Yash. Yash is a medium nude shade with a slight peachy undertone and matte finish. This is just a perfect nude lip combination, not as dark as the above, but not a completely washed out nude either. 

Please excuse the awful photo quality. I am currently using my ipad for photos until I find a better solution. I have an HTC phone and the camera is awful and I don't own a digital camera. If anyone has any recommendations for a reasonably priced camera for blog photos, please let me know. The above photos of my lips are slightly off colour, the second and third colours (velvet teddy and Yash) are actually a little darker in person. Anita in the top photo is showing up perfect. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your current favourite lip combinations?
Jade x 



  1. Im a massive nude lip fan and I love the bottom pic, Ive been looking for a lip pencil to combine with my fave MAC Creme d'Nude, that Charlotte Tilbury pencil looks fab!!


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