Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The EmJ company stardust brush belt review

Hi everyone,
So today I thought I would do a review on my new stunning EmJ company stardust brushbelt. I originally saw these on Instagram and knew I wanted one straight away! 

So just a bit of background info.. EmJ is founded by a lovely lady called Emily-Jane Williams who is a british makeup artist. The fact that she she has a makeup artist background is perfect as I'm sure she knows exactly what kinds of things us makeup artists need and want in a brush belt and any other makeup artist related accessories. 

I love that her designs are not just the typical standard boring black. She has many different designs suited to everyone. 

I decided to go with the stardust one as it is just stunning. All EmJ products are faux leather and are hand made in the UK. 

This particular belt costs £44 which I think is very reasonable for a high quality belt with such a unique and girly design. This was a Christmas present from my mum and she purchased it on the official website which is www.theemjcompany.com
The belt has 29 holes for your brushes, and has 6 larger pockets which also store more brushes comfortably, or your tweezers and any other accessories. As you can see from the top picture I store even more brushes in the larger pockets as they sit nicely in the folds created from the other actual brush holes. I currently have approx 52 brushes stored in mine and they are all easily accessible and there is still room for a few more. 

The belt has a fabric strap with rings so it is easily adjustable for your waist and doesn't fall down or slip off at all. One thing I absolutely LOVE about this belt is that the top part comes up a lot higher than most brush belts. I usually end up with a makeup covered tshirt/top from where the tops of my brushes peak over the belt and transfer onto my clothes. But with this being a bit taller I don't have that problem. The belt is easy to clean with a damp cloth with warm water.

Overall I am very happy with this belt. I have already had so many comments off clients on how nice it is. Even if you are not a professional makeup artist, still take a look at these online as they look gorgeous just displayed out on your dressing table with your makeup. 

I hope this review was helpful. I am so so happy with it! Next on my list is the pencil rolls that she also sells!

Jade x


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