Sunday, 5 April 2015

Kiko cosmetics haul & mini review

I have wanted to try Kiko makeup products for SO long, and after a recent trip to London I thought I would pop inside in the spare hour I had before my train was due. 
If you havent heard of Kiko before, it is an Italian brand established in 1997. As far as I know there are only 8 stores in the UK but you can order online also.

The first thing I picked up was some eyeshadows and a palette to put them in. Kiko call this their 'Clics' system. I chose the 4 pan palette and 4 eyeshadows.

I wanted to put together a nice wearable palette. I went with the gorgeous Kakhi green colour and then chose the other colours around that. The colours are 202, 239, 270 and 289. Ive tried these a couple of times, they arent the easiest to blend to be honest and not SUPER pigmented but they are workable. And for the price you cant complain, the palette was about £2 and the eyeshadows about £3 each!! Overall they are nice and I probably would purchase more, the shade range is amazing.

Next are these water eyeshadows in shades 203 and 206 which are £8.90 each. I have heard alot of people raving about these online and knew I wanted to pick a few up. These are SO pigmented and can be used wet or dry. 

One thing I needed loads of was new lip liners. I picked up 4 in the shades 301, 702, 714 and 715 and these were only £2-£3 each which is amazing!! I honestly LOVE all these and have been using them none stop. They are so creamy and last ages on the lips. I will definately be purchasing more colours soon. 

Next up is 2 lipsticks. I chose one of the luminous cream lipsticks in shade 507 which is a gorgeous peachy nude shade. I am OBSESSED with this lipstick! The colour is stunning and it is so creamy and easy to apply. On first application it is creamy as the name suggests but after a few minutes it sets to a velvety finish. I will 100% be purchasing more shades of this lipstick. I think this was around £7.
The other lipstick is one of Kikos smart lipsticks and this nice pink shade (910) was only around £3. I wanted a nice light pink to wear in Spring and Summer and this one is just as creamy as the other lipstick and I love the colour.

The last 2 things are a blusher and a face powder. 
The blusher is called the 'soft touch blusher' and I chose the shade 105 which is a neautral browny pink. I recently featured this in my March favourites as I love it so much. I cant wait to buy some more.

Lastly I got one of the soft light powders. I wanted to try a new powder for setting my foundation with and this one looked like it had a gorgeous luminous sheen to it. Its ok... It did set my foundation in place and didnt look completly matte (which I like) but I just think it is a bit to heavy of a powder.

Overall I am happy with my purchases from Kiko. I definately want to get more lipsticks and lip liners, and I have heard amazing things about the eyeshadow sticks.

Have you tried Kiko cosmetics? What are your thoughts?



  1. This is such a great haul, literally everything you have purchased is gorgeous! I wish there was a KIKO store closer to me, such pretty things and reasonably priced x
    han // emandhan xo

  2. i just love kiko products ..... great haul :)
    dry mascara


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