Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Current favourites | October 2015

Since I havent done a blog post on my 'monthly favourites' for a while, I thought I would do a post on some products I am currently loving and reaching for everyday. 

The library of fragrance Fresh laundry
I have seen these little perfumes on so many blogs and videos lately and the variety of different scents really intrigued me. These are not your average perfumes as you can get scents such as dirt, rain and baby powder! I chose this one as it smells very light and fresh. I love to keep this in my handbag rather than risking smashing any of my nice perfumes and i spray it on during long days at work just for a fresh scent.

Bourjois air mat foundation
I have only had this foundation for about a week but I am 100% in love. The coverage is high like I like it without looking cakey and stays in place all day. It has a matte finish as the name suggests but it doesnt look like I have loads of foundation on at all. It blends beautifully and I even love the packaging in its sleek squeezy tube.

Loreal infallible 24hr matte powder
Finally I have found a powder to rival my favourite Illamasqua loose powder. I picked this up last minute before my holiday due to my Illamasqua one not being delivered in time. I used this every night on holiday on hot evenings and my makeup stayed matte and shine free. This is now my go to powder and also has quite good coverage so can be used alone when in a rush or feeling lazy.

Hourglass ambient lighting palette
This palette was on my wishlist for so long and on my birthday last week i finally  got it! I have been using this everyday. I usually swirl my brush over all 3 of the powders and apply all over my face for a gorgeous natural healthy glow.

By Terry ombre blackstar in misty rock.
This is another product I have had my eye on for a good few months and I finally gave in to the expensive price tag (£29 eeek!)
This has been on my eyes every day since I bought it. It is a gorgeous taupe shade with a hint of purple and i simply apply this straight from the stick and then blend out with a fluffy brush. This stays put all day and in my opinion is worth the price.

Zoeva bamboo 104 buffer brush
I have only had this 3 days but so far I am in love. I love flat top foundation brushes and aside from the fact that this brush looks stunning, it applys foundation like a dream. 

So thats the products I have been reaching for alot, and probably will be doing for a while! What are your current favourite products?
Jade x

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  1. Definitely gonna have to try out the hourglass palette! :)

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