Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Years Makeup Resolutions

Hi everyone :)
So I thought I would do my first blog post of 2016 as my New Years Makeup Resolutions. I havent made any real resolutions this year as lets be honest I never actually stick to them! So heres just a few things makeup/beauty wise that I intend to do throughout 2016.

1. Start wearing false eyelashes again
I used to wear false eyelashes every day religiously a couple of years ago but now I only tend to wear them when I am going on a night out or for special occasions. I love the way they look so I am going to try and incorporate them more into my everyday makeup look, just for a bit of extra glam and to feel better about myself.

2. Wear lipsticks that arent nude
I think the only colour my lips saw in 2015 was nude! With nude lips being such a big trend I think I got a bit comfortable and didnt really wear anything else. I actually really love red lipstick, coral and dark lips so I am going to make an effort to switch up my lipstick choice from day to day.

3. Actually paint my nails and dont pick it off 
I know its a really bad habit but I paint my nails then either pick/peel it off the next day when im bored or bite my nails! I hate this habit. I actually buy a lot of nail varnishes so my aim is to have nicely painted, unbitten nails for this year!

4. Invest in more high-end skincare
In 2015 I really got into skincare and properly looking after my skin. Alot of the things I use at the moment is highstreet skincare such as things from The Body Shop, Superdrug or Lush, which dont get me wrong I LOVE but I want to try out some more premium skincare this year and see if it really makes a difference.

5. Actually use all the things in my makeup collection
Im not going to lie I do buy a lot of makeup. Sometimes I go through my collection and find makeup items ive only used once and forgot about. This year I want to make an effort to use all the things I have and try not to use the same items every single day - even though they may be my favourites! And anything I dont seem to be using, give away to a friend or family member.

So thats 5 New Years Makeup Resolutions, which hopefully I will stick to!
I also aim to make 2016 the year I really commit to blogging! My blog has had a makeover and ive purchased a new domain so hopefully thats the inspiration I need to really get into it.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Jade x


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