Saturday, 16 January 2016

Zoeva Bamboo Brushes

I think its safe to say that my favourite brand for makeup brushes is Zoeva. Not only are they soft and amazing quality but they look beautiful! I already own both of the Rose Golden brush sets which I am still completly in love with but for my birthday before Christmas I recieved 3 brushes from the 'bamboo' range. I decided against getting the full collection as there were some brushes in there that I really didnt need so I finally decided on these three.

These brushes look just as gorgeous as my rose gold ones displayed on my makeup dresser, with the gold detailing and bamboo handles. The actual bristles are half white and half light brown. So far I have had no shredding with these brushes, and they wash just fine without the brush shape altering in any way.

First we have the 104 buffer brush which is my absolute fave shape and type of brush for applying my foundation. It is quite a dense and compact brush but I find the large flat head amazing for buffing in my foundation.

Next I have the 105 highlight brush which of course I use for applying my highlighter. I like this brush as it doesnt pick up too much product so you can do a nice subtle highlight and build it up to however intense you like. 

Finally I have the 228 crease brush, because you can never have too many crease brushes! I like this one for applying my actual crease colour, and then I take a larger more fluffy brush to blend it out with.

I absolutly love these brushes and I think the design is just stunning. Next on my list is the Bamboo Face shape 110 brush which looks like it would be really good for applying cream contour products.

I would love for Zoeva to bring out some copper brushes, as everyone loves copper at the moment and I think some copper brushes would be amazing! 

Do you have any Zoeva Brushes? Which are your faves? 
Jade x


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  1. I got the Rose Gold set for Christmas and I've fallen in love with them! I love the sound of all the brushes you got especially the highlight one! I'm definitely adding them to my wish list! Thanks for sharing xx


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