Monday, 22 February 2016

My favourite cream makeup products

Hi everyone,
I think sometimes the average person is a little scared of using cream products, especially things like cream highlighters and blushers. I always get asked how to use them and what to apply them with. Im not going to lie i do think they require a little more thought in the morning, just due to having to properly work them into the skin and then remembering to apply all your cream products before you apply your powder. If I do have some extra time to properly do my makeup without rushing I love creams. My skin is sometimes a little dull and dehydrated and I feel cream products really bring my skin to life and add a little glow. 

Chanel soleil tan de Chanel bronze universel 
This bronzer is literally one of my favourite ever products. I dont use it too often but when I do I fall back in love with it everytime and ask myself why I dont just use it every single day?! I cant explain it but my skin when I use this just looks fresh, healthy and almost airbrushed. I apply this to the outside areas of my face and a little onto my cheeks using a Real Techniques stippling brush. 

Mac cream colour base pearl
This white frosty cream highlighter from Mac is stunning and can be applied softly for a gorgeous strobed look or intensified if you prefer. I find this is best applied with my fingers to really warm up the product and work it into my skin. 

Charlotte Tilbury eyes to mesmerise in Bette
This is literally one of my fave cream eyeshadows. It is a gorgeous bronze colour. This really works for nice daytime looks or smokey night looks. I love it just all over the lid and blended out for the day time with just mascara or paired with darker shadows for a bronze smokey effect.

MUA whipped velvet blush in SPRY
I remember picking this up randomly one day last year and I am so glad I did. These blushes are so creamy and easy to blend, and I love this colour inparticular as its a soft almost natural pink which works with pretty much any makeup look. The best part is that this only costs £3!! I keep meaning to pick up more colours as I really love the formula of this one and how nice it looks on my skin.

Illamasqua gel sculpt in silhouette
Out of all the cream contours I have tried this is by far my fave. It looks super dark just looking at it but when you apply it to your cheeks and blend it out it just creates a natural shadow, and it builds really nicely so you can make your contour however intense you like. 

What are your favourite cream makeup products? Let me know in the comments!
Jade x


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